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AKC monitors both federal and state legislatures, and it periodically sends its clubs notices of proposed legislation and agency rules that could impact dog owners so that we can input comments to our legislators (they provide links to do so). For example, recent proposals could affect you if you plan to breed your dog and sell the puppies; transport it by air; take it across international borders; or buy an imported dog, to name a few.  This tab puts you in touch with that important information by providing the title of the notice and a link to AKC's summary.  We'll endeavor to keep the list current; older notices will drop off, but will be accessible on:

>>> War on Dog Breeding Punishes Responsible Owners

>>> Demystifying How a Bill becomes Law 

>> Regulatory Highlights of 2023:
      Federal -- Importation of dogs;
      Texas --  new regulations for dog and cat breeders 


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